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Guest Post : Relationships and Addiction

I had the opportunity to write a guest post on the Relationship Project a month ago. At first when they were looking for guest writers, I offered to write about post-partum struggles, my article on becoming a mom of two.  When I suggested being open to writing about my relationship with my partner of 11… Continue reading Guest Post : Relationships and Addiction

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Post-Partum Struggles : When I knew I Needed to Seek Help

The atmosphere of the Ethier household has been tense lately, everyone has been walking on eggshells with what they can or can’t say. Everyone seemed to be struggling one way or another. I never knew of my own internal struggle had been so visible to those around me.  I didn’t realize how bad things have… Continue reading Post-Partum Struggles : When I knew I Needed to Seek Help

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Insecurities Over Starting this Blog

Okay, I know what you are thinking… why do it? Why put yourself through this? Why torture yourself? I honestly love ready blogs about others and their journey through life. I feel somehow through their words it helps me. Their experiences are so relatable and them being able to talk about life is inspiring to… Continue reading Insecurities Over Starting this Blog