Family Friendly Things to do Around the Valley without Breaking the Bank

Lifeaswifeandmom-Family Friendly things to doSummer is here and it’s time to make sure the boys are entertained so they do not drive me crazy, well they are already doing that but I think my game plan is to make sure they run off energy during the day so they go to bed early! Woot woot! My goal is to try and make sure we stay relatively close to home and not going on huge road trips to get out to our destination, also to not spend more than we have to on excursions.

Check out this amazing display during Party in the park at Bobbypin’s Curiosity

Local Parks/Trails

We love grabbing our bikes and heading out to the park. We are fortunate enough to have a great park within walking distance to our house. Also that the river is only a 15min drive. There are many great ones in the Chilliwack Area.These are all easy flat walks as my family and I have not done any of the mountain trails in the area.

Fairfield Park- a nice easy walk for smaller kids in around the baseball diamonds, surrounded by trees and farm land. We spent hours one day watching tractors work. They have a playground too

Island 22 – has a beginner bike park for the kiddos, offleash dog-park and a trail along the river edge.

Walden Park – beautiful trail beside an elementary school that has a Frisbee golf course

Peach creek/Vedder trail (off Lickman rd)– easy river access and we love the Peach creek path as it is off of the dyke making it safer for kiddos just learning to ride their bikes.

Peach Park/Vedder Trail (off Peach rd)- New playground with flush toilets. Woot! Easy access to the river.

Heron Reserve- We head here probably the most. I love that it is off of the river and the paths are nice and clear for new bike riders. Plus the big bridge is a huge hit for my kiddos.

Browne Wetlands- Beautiful trail on the South side of the river with huge picnic area

Cheam Wetlands- This one is fun, it has a trail out to a little look out island beneath Mt. Cheam. Lots of wildlife to see, we’ve seen tons of frogs, butterflies, deer, bears and a cougar 

Peach Creek Trail
Walden Park
Walden Park #rockyourbrokboys

Local Lakes

I love throwing in a couple lake days with a picnic lunch. The boys dig in the sand all day while I get to sit in the quiet. Also this list are beaches with free parking making it worth a bit of the drive.

Chilliwack Lake- A long stunning drive into the mountains that takes you to sandy white beaches like those of tropical destinations. There is a steep incline down to the water but it is beyond worth it . There are trails in and around the lake, including a path up to the waterfalls. I love make the trek here because the car ride home is magical!

Harrison Lake – This little community is full of shop gems and world renown sand. The boys have fun running from the playground to digging in the sand by the water.

Hicks Lake- My favorite place to go in my youth that I get so excited bout bringing the boys too. Has amazing trails around the lake and little nooks for you to find your own private oasis.

Silver Lake- Fun for our entire family. My hubby loves to fish this lake while the boys and I take in the views.

Flashback to summer 2018 at Silver lake

Spray Parks

My boys live for the spray park, mostly because they get to run aimlessly around in circles without hearing “stop running in my kitchen” 🙈🙈

I was going to list specific ones but we hit every single one we can find! No joke! I have swim bag in the back of the van so when we see a spray park we stop and I let the boys go nuts!


Fish Hatcheries

A must stop for this fishing obsessed family! We have been to all of them the past couple of weeks and they’re has not been much going on. Salmon season is only just beginning to pick up.  August-October are the best times to go explore and learn about their life cycle.

Chilliwack River Hatchery- on the way up to Chilliwack lake, if the boys do not fall asleep by time we hit here, we stop to run of that last bit of energy

Chehalis Hatchery- in the heart of Morris Valley, love going to this one in October/November to see the coho in the breeding channels

Inch Creek Hatchery – Includes a pond with 2 large sturgeon in them! Seriously the boys could follow them swimming by all day!

Tuscan Garden Farms
Lavender Fields at Tuscan Garden Farms

Local Love!

Saving the best for last! We live in a place full of local treasures. If you have time check out these local businesses.

Chilliwack blueberries– Going out berry picking is a great way to get out and explore. Klaassen farms is a favorite place for the boys, well they get to stuff their faces non-stop with one of their favorite snacks

Tuscan Garden Farms We recently went exploring here for the first time and I think we are going to go back another couple of times before the season is over. They are open June-July, weekends only 10-4

Minter Gardens– When ever the boys need a change in scenery, we go for a drive to our local garden place. We walk down all the lanes smelling flowers and the nice part about a greenhouse is you can visit rain or shine.

Birchwood Dairy– a childhood favorite of mine that I look forward to bringing the boys to. Ice-cream plus livestock, every kids dream.

Eco Dairy– I have yet to actually stop into the eco-dairy, I have heard amazing things and how great of an environment it is for teaching kids all about cows plus they have goats on the roof! Going to stop in this summer for sure.

Party in the Park For the whole month of July (so 2 this summer) downtown Chilliwack hosts an amazing event for families with live music/entertainment, bouncy castles for the kiddos, food and a market.

Yarrow Farmers Market – Every Friday night explore what local artisans have to offer. Happening in Pioneer park.

Sunflower Festival – I’m dancing around in my seat in excitement for this one. the boys and I took our cousins from out of town for some exploring in amongst these giant flowers! I can not wait for this season to begin! Grab your tickets here

Blueberry Picking
Stuffing their Faces at Klaassen Farms

Would love to know what are your favorite local family excursions?! let me know in the comments or over on my Instagram 





2 Replies to “Family Friendly Things to do Around the Valley without Breaking the Bank”

  1. Thanks for this great list! We’ve been working on getting out with our families and exploring the Fraser valley and have been working our way towards Chilliwack, but haven’t gotten there yet. Now we have a plan!


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