Meal Time is Family Time : Supporting Local Farmers Through Meatme


lifeaswifeandmom.mealtimeisfamilytimeSitting down, with loved ones to eat is such a happy place of mine. I knew that bringing everyone together for meals was something I wanted to start with my own family. Uninterrupted time to connect.

Growing up on a small dairy farm in the Fraser valley, life was very routine and structured. Everyone had a job to do from feeding young cows to mucking the stalls. But no matter what the day brought, my Dad would be in from the barn after milking/feeding the livestock at 8am for breakfast, 1pm for lunch and 6pm for dinner. Every night my mom would have dinner ready and on the table ready for when my Dad would come in. It was the only time, once my sisters and I were in high-school, that the 5 of us would come together. Traditionally my mom also made Saturday mornings a big family breakfast time and we aimed to have a Sunday lunch with our extended family, who all live on the farm as well, one Sunday a month.

Here I am now, wanting to pass down the same traditions I grew up with. We gather every night for dinner (with no phones!), I pick a Saturday or Sunday every weekend where I cook roast beef or chicken for lunch.

Now I know what you may be thinking, ain’t nobody got time to plan that many meals… This is why meal delivery services have become so popular in the last year. Helping families be able to spend time together at home.

BUT raising a boy with so many allergies, there is no service that accommodates!

I was beyond thrilled to partner with Not only does it fall under Rhylin’s dietary restriction, they also give me the opportunity to support small local farmers in B.C, giving me all the feels of how I grew up while being conscious of where my food is coming from with complete transparency on how they are raised. When our first order arrived I was thrilled to see that they thought of everything! Every package of meat was individually vacuumed sealed into portions already ( loved this because I got to unpack it right into my freezer, no hassle of separating any of my meat out like from the grocery store), all packaging that it arrived in was recyclable and they deliver to my front door!


I love doing up roasts! They are one of the most delicious, and easiest things to make. The bonus about making a roast for my fam if we do not invite company over is we have sandwich meat for the next couple of days afterwards. The key to a good roast is RBS, Roast Beef Stuff, this will ensure that you have a roast that is juicy and full of flavor! The best part is it’s 4 ingredients. Salt, Garlic, Parsley and hot water (important to make sure it’s hot to better dissolve the salt and start cooking the dried parsley I use)


lifeaswifeandmom.easyovenroastPerfect Roast in just over an Hour

You will need

-2lb Roast

-cast iron



-parsley (fresh is best)


My family is the worst, no one measures anything! You just eyeball everything. I hated this when I was learning how to cook but now I just eye everything too.

Preheat oven to 350.

Get a cast iron nice and hot, this is the best way to cook a roast in an hour. I pepper or use a spice rub on the roast before browning it in the cast iron on all sides.

Cover roast in RBS (combine garlic(2cloves), parlsey (teaspoon), tablespoon of salt with boiling water). Basted you roast in RBS every 20-30mins. I usually try and do it 3 times before the roast is done.

Bake and watch it cook. The roast I made is well done as my hubby likes it that way, I cooked it for 1hr 20min. I would aim to cook it for 50min and let it rest for 15 before cutting.




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