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Valentine’s Party for the Kids

When I told the boys earlier this week that we were going to a Valentine’s Day party, their eyes light up! They absolutely love attending parties geared for them, plus what’s not to love when your friends are there.


I always admire how beautifully Keisha, from Loving Littles Blog, can put together a table. I really need to start up-ing my table presentation game. LOL! Check out all the great local shops she curated for this party here.


Being a barista and bartender back in the day, I love the opportunity to create fun drinks for the kids to enjoy.  Last years’ Pink Bubbly was a huge hit and I definitely wanted to add a new spin and keep it Rhylin friendly.


Sweetheart Fizz
1 part Blueberry (or any pink flavored) Lemonade
1 part Sprite
1 scoop of peach sorbet ( I used a Dairy-Free White Peach tea Sorbetto)

My boys were beyond excited to see the ‘icecream’ floating on the top of this fizzy ‘Moc Bellini’.

I wanted to bring a fun craft for the kids to do… but I epic-ally failed on the execution. If you are to attempt this craft make sure to use a soluble paint or food coloring. I tried dissolving finger paints into the water because they are washable #kidlife but did not think it through clearly.

What you will need for this
coffee filters cut into hearts
eye droppers (the dollar store is the best place to find these)
Food coloring
  • I would highly recommend grabbing some paper plates to place underneath to catch the water
Boy’s Outfits

Wyatt – top and suspender pants Haven Kids Clothing

Rhylin – top Sem Label, pants Tiny Button Apparel


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