Mason Jar Merchant: Simple Smoothie Recipe for Sensitive Stomachs

It has almost been a year since we found out about Rhylin’s allergies. It has been a long road adjusting the way I cook and shop! (I love prepared packed foods but I’d say 80% contain wheat or milk) Since he began eating solids we had all plates, cups and bowls color coated, mostly because Wyatt strongly prefers all things to be the color green. At  the times, we had no idea how helpful this would be going down the allergy road.

Wyatt is already 4 and has many favorite foods such as Mac n’cheese (dairy, wheat and egg- all ‘no-no’ items of Rhylin’s), how did we make the switch? Well in the beginning I cooked 2 different meals; one for Rhylin and one for the rest of the family. Talk about way too much work! Meals times would have Wyatt with his green plate and cup, with Rhylin with his blue ones. Both boys came to know that where ever the their color was, was the plate that they could eat.

Now, after a very long learning curve, I cook meals for all of us to enjoy with only one of two substitutions for Rhylin (salad dressing, dipping sauces, cheese (or lack of) etc). Having colored dishware has helped so much with this.

After purchasing my very own tumbler from Mason Jar Merchant, because I was tired of all the straws that came with my ‘ice Grande caramel macchiatos’, I really wanted to start using re-useable straws. Plus a fun cup like this helps me actually attempt drinking a glass or two of water in a day.  After falling in love with my tumbler I knew I needed to get little cups for the boys to use for their smoothies. The nice part of  using a mason jar is that they are chemical free and limitless in their recycle-bility. I was so excited when I found these cute little monster cups!

Available in green, orange and purple.

I was beyond thrilled when we received our mini tumblers, that they gave us a blue straw for Rhylin’s cup, as having blue and green colored items are a must. When Rhylin opened the package and knew right away that his cup was the one with the blue straw and Wyatt’s was the green! (thank goodness because I wasn’t sure how that was going to go down with an orange cup lol)

I love that the Mason Jar Merchant doesn’t just carry tumblers but they also carry accessories for mason jars, chalked lids for labeling, coin slits, shaker tops! Check it out here. I even found that they had this adorable vintage jar with a ‘Paradise Falls’ sticker.


You can shop it here.

I’m Disney obsessed, what can I say. I just had to have this. The boys already went through my husband’s pockets and started filling it up.

With the holidays coming up, these would make amazing gifts for everyone in your family. I’ve partnered with Mason Jar Merchant to give you 10% off your purchase using code ‘SHANA10’ , also head to instagram here to enter to win a tumbler of your choice.

Smoothie for two

Smoothies are my go to snack for the boys, being as they are the best way to get fruits & veggies in their system while being a great way for me to give Rhylin some extra fat he needs as he is unable to get that from nuts or dairy. This helps him stay fuller longer too.


-half an avocado
-frozen blueberries
-milk of choice (this one I used Quinoa/rice milk)

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