Harvest Glow Langley

First off…


Saying I was  blown away by Glow Langley would be an understatement. It was honestly a toddlers paradise. My boys had a bad case of the squirrelies (you know that lack of focus, when your head continues to  jerk in every direction like a dog chasing a squirrel). Going through the photos were a blurr, they never took one second to sit still. Well Rhylin did but only for half a second because he literally sat on the pumpkins… so I seized the moment.




Everything was set up for small children from the pumpkin patch above, to Cinderellas carriage, a bouncy cow farm, to a glowing hopscotch room. There were 3 large playgrounds, one in the shape of a large pirate ship, a petting zoo, EVEN pony rides and the busy bee corn maze!  Wyatts favorite part was the train ride and these really cool glowing swings. We were there for just over 2 hours and never had a chance to try our hand at minigolf.


There is a live stage with performances every night, a local harvest market including one of my personal favorites, the Little Bean + Co trailer, food trucks and drinks.

We are already making plans to head back!  With rainy fall ahead of us, this is going to be the number one way I am going to get these boys to run off all their energy and stay nice and dry!!!!

Harvest Glow is  now open until October 31st. Click here for tickets

Boys are wearing Haven Kids Clothings with Adelisa and Co boots


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