Sunflower Festival

To say fall is my favorite time of year is an understatement. I love the crisp nights and warm days plus thunder storms. Probably the biggest part of fall that I love is fall market/event season. I love that there are so many amazing things for you to do as a family… corn mazes, pumpkin patches, apple fields and this year SUNFLOWERS!

IMG_5846.jpgI was actually hesitant to take my crazy destructive boys to the fields to look at sunflowers, lets just say they did not do well with the delicate tulips at waist height… picture little Godzillas ripping every tulip in sight.

IMG_5934The coolest part bout the sunflowers is that they tower over 10ft tall and the stalks are hugely thick. Perfect for those ‘free spirited’ children. The fields were done up like mazes which made for non-stop entertainment for the boys running around the corners.


IMG_6133This weekend is the last weekend for the Chilliwack festival. Definitely a great family outing that everyone will love. Remember to bring those rubber boots now that fall is in full swing 😉

Boys Outfit:

Haven Kids overalls & shirt

Jax and Lennon beanies

Vonbon linen romper

My dress is from Uniform.Handmade 




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