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Body Positivity : Confidence in the Skin You Are In

I have honestly gone back and forth on even making this post. When I talk about thisv shoot, I am excited and can’t wait to share… then I sit here, about to post and all I can think of is all the things I don’t like about myself and how people will perceive what I post. As I’ve said before I am a people pleaser and hate being the center of controversy.

One Thing Locket

Why? Maybe because I am not that girl portrayed in magazines, sought out for modelling or able to represent a lot of brands in our community. I am not a small, medium or large. I am beyond thankful for new brands I have found such as uniform, who is willing to custom make items to fit me, not me trying to change myself to fit the clothing.

This, sadly, is the world we live in. Where we all are our worst judge, our toughest critic. In these moments, I remember to just breathe. Think about the things I am proud about and my confidence use to be one of them.I try to think about how my boys are always going to look up to me. How they will see me always as their mom, someone they love no matter what, no matter how I feel about myself when I get up in the morning. Just MOM.

“Teach your mind to love your body and to respect the one you have”

I knew when beginning this blog I had always wanted to empower myself by stepping out of my comfort zone to try and regain my past confidence, my pre-mom bod self esteem. I was beyond grateful to have come across these beautiful locket pieces below by One Think Locket. I have written little self empowerment messages to help me be more comfortable in the skin I am in.


Plus I have never really shared these beautiful maternity photos I took with a dear friend while 35 weeks with my second.


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