1 year Blogiversary// Guide to Shopping Local

All I have to say is Wow! When I started this blog last year I felt lost, I felt like a part of me was missing. I woke up everyday overwhelmed by my role as a now new mom of two! My new babe was a difficult babe and my toddler wasn’t adjusting to our new life, to be honest neither was I.

But here I am a year later, this had started out as a place for me to write my feelings and feel relieve within this crazy life. I felt lighter, this allowed me to heal. This allowed me to find something I am truly passionate about. Photography and all things local!IMG_4737.jpg

I cant even tell you how many times someone has asked me about where items the boys and I wear are from. Lets just say A TON! The immediate question that usually follows, ‘o isn’t that expensive?’ Yes, you do invest more up front but the quality is the best and longevity of an item is beyond worth while.

I bought this romper, which was one of our first, from brokboys last April, look how adorable her was versus the a photo i took of him yesterday. Still rocking the same look


There are so many smart ways to shop local, that most are not even aware of.

  1. Buy bigger. Most styles look just as adorable baggy as they do fitted. I can’t believe that a lot of the items I bought last summer are still going to fit the boys this summer. I call that an epic win.
  2. Buy last season. Most shops clear out their last season stock when they have a new release. In my year of following the small shop community, trends haven’t changed much year to year. Buy them during the clear out, buy them bigger as i said in #1
  3. Shop Warehouse/markets. This is an amazing way to see the items in person before buying. I am such a touch before I buy person. I need to know what a fabric feels like before it can even enter my house. Most of the time they have a market/warehouse special on. Plus going in person means you save on shipping and tax (most of the time)
  4. Instagram Reps. okay i know you are probably like what?! how is this a point to shopping smart.? Small shops have rep teams, these teams are given follower codes. They are usually 10-15% off, helps save on shipping and/or tax. The best ways to find these are to look in the shops tagged photos. In there you can easily find rep codes.

In my year I have found shops that I wasn’t entirely impressed with. After doing more research into why… I found most of these items to be only “designed” in Canada and then made over seas. These items fell apart after washing, the fabric felt gross and they didn’t last. I was disappointed at first but realized how important it is to do your research! This can be hard to do because not all brands disclose this information right up front. You can spend forever searching on their websites and never find out until you receive the item in hand and its written across their tag. When you even reach out and ask these companies, you don’t even receive a straight answer. After doing further research with some brands it became so important to me the know their entire ‘story’!  Where is this made? Is this item ethically made? Are they eco-friendly? Who am I supporting when I buy their product?

I knew I wanted to be a more conscious shopper, be more aware of how I spend impacts our environment. Mending old clothes instead of throwing out and buying new. Buying high quality items. Buying wardrobe staples. So many different things to think about when changing the way your shop that it becomes completely overwhelming. These are the reasons why I am thankful to have found Justly Market, an online market place that so happens to carry my favorite ethically made local brands.

Uniform Handmade


Alpaca cardigan and basic tee from Uniform necklace from One Thing Lockets

Haven Kids


See more adorable images of these boys rocking Haven Kids here.

June Isle


and my first love Beluga Baby

20170109_095827 (2)
Check-out one of my very first small shop shout outs  here

I have a very exciting announcement, I have been asked to be a Justly Market ambassador. I am ecstatic to be ask to join this team, I want to be able to educate people on shopping smarter and shopping Justly.

Feel free to use code ‘LIFEAS’ to save over at Justly Market linked here. 😉

I can’t wait to see what I am going to learn about myself leading into this next year. Thanks for continuing following along.



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