Valentines Day with Littles


Wyatt and Rhylin were beyond excited to have our special friends over for a little Valentines day party, maybe it was the company or the they get to stuff their faces with all sorts of goodies we prepared.

We loved that our friends brought all sorts of treats for us to munch on. These beautiful cupcakes were done by the talented Hope.Connelly . These red velvet with cream cheese icing were to die for. I had to fight Wyatt to let me have one.


All the other delectable treats were made by the lovely Charlotte from CharlotteLaila Blog. She is sharing the recipe to a couple of these goodies over on her blog.

As I said back in my New Years post, I love creating bubbly drinks, Valentines Day is no exception. Today’s pink bubbly was made with 2 ingredients, oh lets not forget some raspberries, to give the kids something fun to try and dig out of the bottom. Honestly add a little fruit to any of your cocktails goes a long way, it makes what you serve beautiful and fun to drink.

Watermelon Bubbly

-watermelon juice

-blackberry ginerale (you could use any kind, this added a special taste) 

Top with raspberries


Seriously how cute are these three chugging down their drinks.

I have collected many adorable small shop items through the year, its always nice when you can use some of your home decor to style the table. Win!


Items included in this shoot: 

Floral heart by Vintage Meadows , radical vase by Three Corner Artisan , just love hand painted sign by A Little Love Creative

Boys outfits:

Rhylin- linen romper by Vonbon Apparel, bamboo tee by Lil’haven 

Wyatt- jeans by Tattrd Threads, tank by Jax and Lennon Co, collared cardigan by Finn and Grin

Here are a few behind the scene shots of Charlotte using her own camera skills 


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