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Local Baby Gift Ideas

Spring is in the air and so is the season of babies!!! I love that spring, when growing up on a farm, means new life. I am thrilled to have my best friend pregnant with her first and to now have her along for this crazy ride called motherhood. I am especially excited that she is having a baby girl. EEEKKK being a mom of boys, i have gone a little crazy on spoiling baby Bunny (Easter baby, fingers crossed).

We all have a friend out there expecting, so I’ve come up with a little list of local brands in all different price ranges for shower gifts.

A fun item that everyone is using is a way to mark baby’s milestones. A locally made company I came across when trying to plan Rhylin’s cake smash, monthly stickers! Picture me Growing is a great way to document those month milestones and support a local mama of two! I was so impressed with the quality of these stickers. they are thick and so easy to put on your little. Definitely a great shower gift!

The next item I was very excited to include was Dear Loves Company. These minimal nursing bracelets are the perfect reminder to have on you when navigated breastfeeding for the first time. I actually wear mine all the time and love that its a beautifully simple piece of jewelry that my crazy boys can’t wreck.  The reason I said ‘was” is that the owner of this company recently decided to close shop, she is on to new ventures and I love supporting her in everything she does.

It’s not too late to check out this company as it is clearing out its stock.

The next item I included is from Little and Lively, this little pom beanie I had to include, first because of the bunnies, aren’t they the cutest and I have admire Carmen, the owner, for a long time. There are so many amazing items from her shop.  They even have a little store front in downtown Abbotsford, the Kinder Clothing Company. They have clothes for littles and for mamas.

Lastly and probably the number baby item any person should ever own is a beluga wrap. This is an item I wish i had with my first  but only discovered when my second was a few weeks old. The beluga wrap is a total game changer, made locally here in Vancouver, and comes in so many different colors and limited edition colors. Trust me you will own more then one! This wrap I got for my friend was an limited  edition collaboration with the ever so talented Codi-Lynn from Creative Wife and Joyful Worker.

I love shopping/supporting local. I hope more of us will make the change and think about where items we buy are coming from.




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