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Family New Years

NewYears2018Collboration(5of61)My kids come everywhere with my husband and I, including date nights. With my hubby always busy working or fishing, every moment we get we spend as a family.ย Planning how we are spending our New Years is no exception!

I was beyond excited to be invited to join a few local mom bloggers to create a new years party that is easy to do yourself and uses items you can pick up at your local grocery store. None of this running around to 20 different places with your cranky kiddos, lets face it on the day you want to do errands, its the day no one wants to cooperate. I even found these a couple of pitchers and champagne flutes in the dollar store section of the the grocery store. Mega win!


With my husband having almost 12 years of sobriety, I love getting creative making fun drinks for all of us to enjoy.ย  For this celebration (also Christmas brunch), I have two different recipes that you can make from 5 ingredients.

White grape Juice






photo above by myself

NewYears2018Collboration(24of61)The moc Champagne was a huge hit with ALL 10 KIDS, they finished their drinks as fast as possible to get down to the raspberries. It was absolutely adorable.

Kid-Friendly Bubbly

equal parts juice, soda & gingerale. Top with raspberries

Holiday Punch

equal parts juice, soda & gingerale, splash with grenadine (can adjust the sweetness with grenadine)

note: for a less sweet tasting bevy, pour more soda then gingerale


photo above by myself

Thank you to the beautiful Shannon from Shannon Lee Blog for organizing, styling and photographing this shoot. She has a fun new-years activity on the the blog with balloons. This was great as it got the older kids joining the party.



This fun DIY party hats are from Tamara from Discovering Parenthood, check it out here.


These delicious simple treats, Wyatt could not get enough of! Keisha from LovingLittlesBlog has all the details on how you can make them for your little ones.


I am absolutely obsessed with Behind the Scene photos, here are a couple I captured



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