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Winter One-derland

First of all, how is my baby even ONE years old. Talking to most other parents out there, that first year is a whirl wind and goes by so quickly. I’ll admit, I’ve cried and was a little bit in denial. I talked about it a lot in the last couple of months…

but when you mention that your child is turning one in this world of blogging, everyone would ask, ‘what are you doing for his birthday?’  ‘what do you have planned for him?’ or they would assume with ‘can’t wait to see what you do for his birthday’. At first I answered ‘o nothing’ or “haven’t thought about it yet’. After hearing this over a dozen times, I went to pinterest to look at 1st birthday themes to see if one was doable. In my hunt I feel in love with the idea of a ‘Winter one-derland’ for my little winter baby! It reminds me of how it snowed so much last year, the week after he was born. DONE!

Now, to come up with the plan. I was so thankful that another local blogger had done a simple balloon garland post a couple months ago. SCORE! Go check out her beautiful garland by the lovely Codi-Lynn from Creative Wife and Joyful Worker, mine doesn’t even compare.  I ended up buying a tree garland, because I thought the wire would work perfect. It didn’t. But pipe cleaners worked great! Plus they are really easy to maneuver.


The dollar store is your friend when it comes to finding decor to finish up your party plans. That is were I found the table clothes, snow flakes garland and coordinating plates. As you can see really simple set up.


As for the DIY fancy food. I made cake-pops (if using betty crocker cake & icing count as making it) and covered them in a local company,  Dainty Sprinkles. I also drizzled pop-corn in white chocolate and added festive sprinkles.


Letter board from LetterPeddler



Now I am a lazy person and love throwing a crockpot for a group of people. When I found this cheesy idea, I had to roll with it


Rhylin’s Cake Smash

This was my favorite part by far. I never really did one with my oldest besides giving him a cupcake, letting him go nuts. This time I used the decor from his party and dismantles it to make a photo shoot. I used our happy camper tent as our backround, attaching the balloon garland and Christmas lights to it. I bought coordinating mini-cupcakes from Wal-Mart and arranged them on a plate to let him go nuts on.

I am beyond tickled pink that I set this up and documented this turkey playing around in his birthday glory.

the after math


IMG_1899IMG_1895-2IMG_1937IMG_1939IMG_1951IMG_2015IMG_1977Rhylins’ outfit – Shirt & Socks from Finn and Grin , pants from Hauoli Apparel

The beautiful milestone sticker from a new local business, Picture Me Growing. I am beyond in love with these, wish I had them to document his milestones from the beginning. They are super thick, durable and simple to open. Made placing it on my 1 year old easy, the bonus to that is that he never fussed with it because I never did. 


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