Small Shop Sunday

Happy Camper

Do you remember the days of always being outside, not being scared to get dirty, being fully immersed in our imagination. Life was simple. I don’t know if growing up on a farm is what made it simple, but none the less it was the way I had always envision raising my kids.


I was beyond excited when I came across this adorable tent at a local market. It made me think back to making forts in the house and backyard. I had been obsessively looking for a simple tent for the boys for a while, after finding Happy Camper tents I knew I had to purchase one.


Shirt: Remzo Apparel Shorts: Tattrd ThreadsΒ Wooden Camera: Nene and Bambino

I am happy I did! This tent folds up flat and is easily stored away. I have set it up in our living room on a rainy day. My boys thought it was the greatest thing ever! Camping in a tent, inside! Things didn’t get any better then that. We’ve set it up in the backyard for a picnic and it has worked as a great shade in this heat.

Come on look at these photos, the options are endless.


Tank : Jax and Lennon Co Shorts: Canoe and Lake

True childhood unplugged. Hours of entertainment and encouraging learning through play.



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