Today I would love to share one of my most favorite do it yourself projects. Its fairly inexpensive and can really spruce up a play area, kitchen or decor for a special event.

The hubby and I have a shared love for thrifting. Every Sunday we get up early and hit a couple of local flea markets near us. My husband loves looking for fishing gear and I love looking at old vintage pieces. And if we are not thrifting we are driving around hitting up pawn shops and thrift stores. Finding an old piece of furniture that I can re-purpose is like winning the lottery for me. Yes, this does mean I have a lot of unnecessary junk in at my house… In our defense we did just take 2 TRUCK loads to the dump (did our spring de-cluttering late this year).

My favorite thing to do with old mirrors, cupboards and pictures is to make them into chalkboards. My sister was getting rid of this giant picture of an African savanna, it was the most prefect size for my hallway. This chalkboard keeps the boys entertained as I cook dinner in the kitchen or if I am occupied in the bathroom (yup, I went there… I think every mom dies for that minute to do your business alone!)

IMG_4252 (2)
This has been up in my house for over a year, as you can tell it has been well loved! not only by Wyatt, but by his big sisters and Aunties to come over to visit

IMG_4255 (2)


I have even done up a small cupboard door into a reminder board for our kitchen. It helps me remember important things like diapers, lets me leave fun notes for JP (my hubby). Most recently I came across two beautiful, large, dark colored cupboard doors, with my friends wedding around the corner, I was excited to paint these up and help her on her big day.


The supplies needed:

chalk paint (Annie Sloan is by far my favorite, I have tried lots of other brands and types, yes others are cheaper but the finished product is cheaper. This is the most expensive part, but worth it, I was able to do a bed, Armour, two coffee tables, a giant chalkboard, small board and bookshelf, all with ONE can) $50

-Chalkboard paint (you know the black stuff, I have only used two kinds and like them the same) $18

-paint brushes (duh) and painters tape

the taping process not necessary but for myself with shaky hands it helps, make the end product look cleaner.


IMG_4236 (2)
I personally like to use the wax to seal my projects, it makes it so you can easily wipe up a mess without taking the paint off with it. definitely worth it!


I would suggest applying 2 coats of the chalkboard paint. I found a foam roller worked best for a smooth application. I have done a board with a regular brush but you can see stripe lines when you draw on it. Which works great for a kids room but not so much for wedding decor.

IMG_4251 (2)
clean edges

IMG_4250 (2)

The finished product…. now I feel extremely silly that I did not have a chance to get a photo once it was set up as the seating chart with flowers heading into the reception area. I hope you still can see how simple and beautiful it looked .


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