Fancy Vases

I have the priveldge to stand beside my best friend as she gets married next month. Her and I have been there for our lowest times and now at our highest! So I was beyond excited to spoil the heck out of her for her bridal shower.

I had this vision of this crazy glamorous party like you see by in most social media posts and Pinterest. But I’m a very simple person and do not have a creative eye for this type of stuff. Plus with two babies that need my undivided attention, it needs to be simple and quick.

Simple, simple, simple, that’s where it’s at! Easy 1-2 step projects that use items you already have around the home. Also if it’s cheap to do is another bonus.

Our team of wonderful ladies decided to do a high tea shower for our bride. Our host had lots of miscellaneous teacups sets, which automatically made everything look super classy. We only needed some glitter to spice the decor.

IMG_2818 (2)

You need only 2 things for this project.

1) bottles

2) spray color of choice

I did buy a gold glitter spray(which ended up decompressing and stopped working) and a metallic silver.

The hardest part of the project was removing labels, I tried soaking (no dice). After they soaked I found a SOS pad worked best at getting that sticky film off the bottles.

All you have to do next is spray and let dry.

*TIP* don’t spray too close or it will run. Second tip (it’s probably common sense but I have mommy brain) be careful where you stand if it’s windy out, let’s just say my arm simmered in the sunlight!

Happy crafting friends!


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